Why linen? One of my first memories from childhood is my Grandma covering her long oak table with a linen tablecloth. Or another one: my Mom standing in front of a mirror dressed in a red linen dress and me watching her, dreaming about a dress just like hers. At that time, linen was evoking positive emotions for me: so pleasant to the touch, so attractive with its imperfections and natural wrinkles. So I could not resist and just felt in love with this material. Sewing from linen felt so natural, especially raising children and wishing them the best. From thinking about my children to caring about others. At first, I began to sew clothes for children and after some time I expanded the range of clothes.

I believe that we deserve to wear natural fiber, breathable clothing, especially on a sunny summer day. I have never liked synthetics, and finding high-quality clothes and made of natural fabric is becoming harder and harder.
I believe in buying less but better. I value quality and I make clothes for you the same way I would make my own. I believe that you should wear your beloved dress for a long time. And most of all I like the idea that one day a daughter will proudly wear her Mom‘s dress.

I have always been attracted to the minimalist style, not overloaded, with clear lines and shapes. That‘s the way my love for natural fiber, quality and minimalism gave birth to the clothes I created – „Noisy Forest“.
My biggest driving force for me is happy customers. Beautiful feedback from them on the order they received makes heart singing and inspires me to do more and even better.

Thank you for supporting my linen dream ♥